E4M5: They Will Repent is the fifth map of Thy Flesh Consumed. Designed by Tim Willits, and the par time is 3:00.

This map is not as hard as most of this episode. Is as easy as E4M4: Unruly Evil. Not much danger, and you get a soul sphere, invulnerability, and a plasma rifle. Not much trouble. Only 1 baron of hell that is easy to kill.


From the start point, turn left, until you come to a door, with a blood river. Open the door, turn right, then right again, and open another door. Go to the lift, lower it, and ride it up to the red key. Now go through the red door at the west of this room. Run into the blood, grab the radiation suit, and go up the stairs. Open the tall door, then follow the route to the blue key. The lift will lower, into another red door, ride the lift back up, then go back through the tall door. Follow the route to the blue door. Go through the blue door, then run to successfully cross each pillar, until you come to a lift. Ride the lift down, you can see the exit switch, the BFG9000, and the yellow key via a window. Turn left, press on the gargoyle, and take the teleporter. You will be behind the yellow door, and then carefully ledge-walk to the yellow key. (If you fell down you'll be in the blood taking damage. In this case take the teleporter at the southwest of the room to go back to behind the gargoyle) Now teleport back, and go through the yellow door. Turn left, and press the exit switch.

Other points of interest:

There is a red teleporter to the southwest in the room with the door to the red key, the teleporter takes you to a ledge near the blood.

There is a soul sphere somewhere behind the red door, in the blood. You can get it and the blood is actually behind the blue door, and you can run to access the room with the yellow door.

The yellow key is not actually necessary to complete this map. You can just jump out the window next to the yellow door to get behind it, but if you don't have the key, you are confined to the exit door and therefore cannot return to earlier parts of the level. If you land on the ledge you can follow it carefully to the BFG.

Somewhere in the blood pit behind the last room is an invulnerability.


  1. To the left of one of the red doors is a secret door. Open it for two stim packs.
  2. To the left of the penultimate room (behind the gargoyle) is a half-opened door. Open it for a berserk pack.