E2M6: Halls of the Damned is the sixth map of The Shores of Hell. Designed by Sandy Petersen and the par time is 6:00.


From the start point, continue into the room and then turn right and open the door. Kill the cacodemon and demon and press the switch. You should see a new opening near the start. Get to the switch, press it to raise stairs to the berserk pack. Picking it up, you should see a new opening in the nukage, follow the tunnel to a switch that opens up another wall near the path. You will pass the three exit doors, cannot be opened because you don't yet have the keys, instead open the door to the right to get into the hallways. Follow the instructions for the skull keys.

Blue key

The blue key is simple to get. All you have to do is follow the path southeast and then northeast to the blue key. Once you get it, however, two traps will open up.

Red key

The red key is more complex to get. First of all find the opening to the southwest to a maze. Near the south of it is a door. Open it and follow northwest then southwest, and then somewhere should be the red key.

Yellow key

Go just north of the entrance to the maze, then immediately open up the door to the left. Follow the path to another door, into a small corridor with a 'No Humans Allowed' sign. Press the switch to the right to open the wall up. Follow the path to a crossing with eight paths. Take the south path and open the door, to emerge into a vine room. Go around the structure in the middle to access the yellow key. Then escape through the yellow door (you require the yellow key if you are opening the door from the yellow key room) and backtrack to the door to the hallways.


Open the blue, red and yellow doors in front of each other and press the exit switch.


  1. At the north of the map is a compass-shaped series of hallways. The west one takes you to a door to a secret area. Be carefull, the entrance IS a crusher. To get out, press the switch to open the door.
  2. The north hall takes you to a door. Beyond is a room with a platform. The platform is counted as a secret. Several traps will open up, however.
  3. The east hall of that part takes you to another door that takes you to a yellow door. The switch is NOT the exit, it ONLY lowers it into a red room. Kill everyone in that room and open the door to the northeast to get back.