E1m2 map

Map of E1M2

E1M2: Nuclear Plant is the second level of Knee-Deep in the Dead. Designed by John Romero, and has a par time of 1 minute 15 seconds.


From the start point, turn right and you will meet a door. Go up the stairs, then keep turning left, until you come into a technology room. Grab the red key, backtrack to the beginning, turn left, go through the red door, continue forward, then right, then cross the bridge above a large nukage pool. Ride the lift down, you come to a room with a switch, and three ledges. Press the switch, two doors will open, you can take either one, once you come to the brown room, go through the exit door, take the small lift down and press the exit switch.

Other points of interest:

  • In the middle of the starting room, you can get into a room with a lift, that takes you to a shotgun.
  • To the south of the red door is a lift that will take you to a medikit and a box of bullets.
  • Behind the red door, turn right, you will emerge unto a large nukage pool along with a pillar. On the back of the pillar is a switch that will open a huge maze to the south of the room.


  1. From the start point, there is a hidden door near the middle of the two doors, you can see that because the exture is different, open the door to access a medikit, green armor, a backpack, and a switch that opens up another secret.
  2. The switch from secret #1 opens a hidden door to the north of the red key room, that allows you to access a supercharge and a chaingun.
  3. In the extreme east of the maze is a hidden door, you can see that due to two different-textured pillars to the left and right, opening it takes you to a technology room containing another backpack.
  4. At the extreme west of the maze is a hidden door, you must actually shoot at the wall to open it there you emerge into a staircase that takes you to a chainsaw, press the switch to lower the chainsaw pillar.
  5. In the passage leading to the chainsaw and secret #4 there are a couple of steps. On the one where the second armor bonus is located, is a hidden door, where opening it allows access to four more armor bonuses.
  6. Near the lift is a hidden door, leading you to a passage to one of the upper ledges.