These are cheat codes that will give you non-legitimate powers. To activate a cheat code, you must simply type the letters in order directly on your keyboard, then a message will show with the effect.

  • idbeholdr - free radiation suit
  • idbeholdi - free invisibility
  • idbeholdv - free invulnerability
  • idbeholda - free computer area map (one per map, does NOT toggle unlike others)
  • idbeholdl - free light amplification goggles
  • idbeholds - free berserk pack
  • idchoppers - add chainsaw
  • iddqd - invulnerability that will not expire
  • idkfa - all weapons, full ammo, full armor, and all the keys
  • idfa - identical to idkfa but excludes the keys
  • idclev## - warp to E#M# - for example idclev25 will warp you to E2M5: Command Center
  • idmus## - play music from E#M# (episode four input is illegal) - for example idmus18 will play Sign of Evil
  • idmypos - your current position (strongly not recommended, it does nothing good and is too complex, the automap is better and more simple)
  • idspispopd OR idclip - can walk through walls and windows freely, note that getting outside the map may have a hall of mirrors